Next Event: 23rd Sep 2022, INDIA

Winner 2019

Medha Tadpatrikar

Nominations: 2019

Category: Environment

Location: PUNE, Maharashtra, India

About Medha: She has motivated many citizens to start segregation of waste plastic. She is driven, focused , down to earth leader. Who continuously inspires oth... Read More

Congratulations Medha

Our heartiest congratulations to iWGA 2019 winners. We are proud of you and so is the Nation. Keep shining & motivating others.

Work Description

Environmentally conscious from early age Medha found herself working on waste plastic after witnessing the death of deer in wild life sanctuary. The passion and determination to find a solution on waste plastic resulted in Medha and her business partner Shirish Phadtare in to building a first pil... Read More

  • “Yadnyawalka Award”, Sukhakarta Award,
  • Economics Times 2017 Award for waste Management, SME
  • Phoenix Leading Lady 17
  • “V” 18 Award.
  • Speaker at Waste Management Innovation Conclave, conducted by US Em... Read More
Project Details

We do not spend two seconds on what effect waste plastic has on our environment after we throw anything in garbage.. If we just segregate our waste it would surely help mother earth. We create awareness of waste plastic and segregation at source. To inculcate the change of habit we also collect ... Read More

  • Awareness & Collection of Waste Plastic Segregation
Project Details

Collected Plastic needs to be recycled. At Rudra we convert waste plastic in to usable fuel by Thermo Catalytic De-polymerization process which is developed in house. The machine effectively reverses the plastic production process; where the Themo Catalytic Depolymerisation process cracks the lon... Read More

  • Waste Plastic to usable efuel.
Project Details

After the TCD process there is some residue which is left over this along with shredded plastic can be used to make tar / bitumen roads. We have been continuously trying to push for waste plastci (as per IRC norms) in to road. We have donated 50 MT of plastic to Pune Municipal Corporation in Febr... Read More

  • Waste Plastic to road