Next Event: 23rd Sep 2020, INDIA

Winner 2018

Darshankaur Khalsa

Nominations: 2018

Category: Jury Award - Special Mention

Location: Mumbai, India

About Darshankaur: She has founded a brand, named Waggy Zone. They are the pioneers in formulating a frozen yogurt treats for dogs. She has started this in 2017 and i... Read More

Congratulations Darshankaur

Our heartiest congratulations to iWGA 2019 winners. We are proud of you and so is the Nation. Keep shining & motivating others.

Work Description

Eating ice cream was painful for her, as she could never share it with her friend Tyra, a four-year-old German Shepherd. The reason: Dogs are lactose intolerant, and are not allowed milk and milk-based products and with this her journey as an entrepreneur started. In 2016, she founded Waggy Zone,... Read More