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Winner 2018

Sulajja Motwani

Nominations: 2018

Category: Environment

Location: Pune, India

About Sulajja: Sulajja Firodia Motwani is the Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Limited, a leading player in e-Mobility and has launched... Read More

Congratulations Sulajja

Our heartiest congratulations to iWGA 2019 winners. We are proud of you and so is the Nation. Keep shining & motivating others.

Work Description

Kinetic Green implemented the project successfully by delivering vehicles across 65 districts of UP and setting up a vast servicing and charging network. The cycle rickshaw puller, who earned a meager Rs. 200/day with manual labor now earns over Rs. 800/day as a proud owner of an e-auto! Similarl... Read More

  • Selected by the World Economic Forum as a
  • Featured as a business
  • Received the Society Young Achiever
  • Currently the Chairperson of FICCI Young Leaders forum and a member... Read More