Next Event: 23rd Sep 2022, INDIA

Winner 2021

Puneet Madan

Nominations: 2021

Category: Arts

Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

About Puneet: I am an educationist with art as my hobby. Since my childhood I have been a topper in the field of art and education. After completing my post g... Read More

Congratulations Puneet

Our heartiest congratulations to iWGA 2019 winners. We are proud of you and so is the Nation. Keep shining & motivating others.

Work Description

After completing my post graduation I had been working in the field of art and science simultaneously. Side by side I also kept myself involved in creation of new Innovative designs and items of the traditional embroidery of Punjab-'Phulkari' in a unique manner and I displayed them in various exh... Read More

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Project Details

Art is the speech of my expectation which I take it to be my future. Art is my inborn inspiration which comes out of the core of my feelings and guides me to elevated heights. After my creation of numerous Innovative designs in Phulkari-traditional embroidery of Punjab I am now putting nature's ... Read More

  • Merging different art forms to new style