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Winner 2020

Ameenata Koita

Nominations: 2020

Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

Location: Arizona, United States

About Ameenata: I am hard working, and dedicated to the uplifting of humanity. I am extremely passionate about global equality and equity, and I live very intenti... Read More

Congratulations Ameenata

Our heartiest congratulations to iWGA 2019 winners. We are proud of you and so is the Nation. Keep shining & motivating others.

Work Description

I am currently the CEO/Founder of Black Wall Street Arizona Inc (BWSAZ), which is a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting commerce, entrepreneurship and business between the African Continent and her Diaspora. I serve my local community as a commissioner on the Village ... Read More

  • Deputy Parliament Member State of the African Diaspora 2020
  • Magagiya Chigaba of Fulani in Ashanti Region of Ghana 2019
  • Marquis Who's Who in America 2019
  • Woman of Integrity 2016
  • Notable African American Business Woman of the Year 2016
Project Details

Health in Africa has been one of the critical aspects of life that has offered the best opportunity to change the life of the people. While it can be said that Africans have for a long time relied on traditional medicine, it can also be argued that the so called modern medicine has made a deep in... Read More

  • Woman's Health Initiative
Project Details

Education can be said to be the vehicle by which socio economic prosperity can be brought to a country, state, or community. The capacity to get access to quality education is often hampered by the lack of political and financial wherewithal. It has led to a situation in which so many young adult... Read More

  • Trade School Education Support Initiative