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Nominees 2020

Bibi Nassar

Nominations: 2020

Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

Location: mexico , Distrito Federal, Mexico

About Bibi: I have always considered myself as a strong woman. I believe that if you have a dream, you have to pursue it until it comes true and never let anyo... Read More


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Work Description

Bibi Nassar is a very determined person who holds the conviction of achieving all her goals, either in the short or in the long term. As a professional, her aims are very clear to her and she strives towards them. As a person, she is generous, selfless, enthusiast, and she seeks everybody’s wellb... Read More

  • Books Author “Guía de la Imagen Imperfecta”
  • Member of AICI ( Association of Image Consultant International)
  • Partner of Fashion Group México
  • Founder the B Image Consulting and School
  • Co founder of EiCCon
  • National Womens Award for my outstanding career as an image consult... Read More
  • Digital Content Creator: Belleza Imperfecta IGTV, podcast and blogger Read More
  • Lecturer
Project Details

Launch of the guide book GUIA DE LA IMAGEN IMPERFECTA On March 2019 we made a big event where the book was realized and a live interview with one of the best mexican reporters Adela Micha. So we can tell all the women that their image is important for their strange. Read More

  • Launch of the book GUIA DE LA IMAGEN IMPERFECTA
Project Details

They hey make a big event to raise funds for the less fortunate mexican families was made in Sonora. In the event they sell clothes and i gave a talk about image consulting and style. Read More