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Nominees 2021

Sweety Pate

Nominations: 2021

Category: Science & Innovation

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

About Sweety: Ms. Pate is a Satellite Operations Systems Engineer working on the ground-breaking space missions at QinetiQ Space, Belgium. Her award-winning c... Read More


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Work Description

She is working at Qinetiq Space as a Satellite Operations System Engineer & involved in the European Space Agency space missions. She is leading the Women in the Aerospace (WIA) organization from Belgium.

  • Winner of NASA Green Aviation Challenge 2010-11
  • Winner of NASA Green Aviation Challenge 2011-12,
  • AIAA Space Transportation Design Challenge 2011-12
  • Young Scientist Award 2012 & Young Outstanding Girls Award 2014
  • Uncha Majha Jhoka award 2015
Project Details

ALTIUS (Atmospheric Limb Tracker for the Investigation of the Upcoming Stratosphere) is a microsatellite dedicated to the operational monitoring of stratospheric ozone profiles. My job involves working on space systems designs, requirement management, satellite hardware-software assembly in th... Read More

  • ALTIUS Satellite
Project Details

QKDSat is a highly innovative project, the first of its kind, which will validate Quantum Key Distribution via satellite technologies. Read More

  • Quantum Key Distribution Satellite
Project Details

PNEXT GS: European Ground Segment: Common Core ( EGS-CC) test setup & demonstration. Read More

  • Proba Next Ground Station
Project Details

Space activities have increased impressively in the last decades. New actors and concepts are raising new challenges to ensure the security, safety, sustainability and stability of space operations. Initiatives on national and international level aim to tackle this issue through promotion of prev... Read More

  • European Space Traffic Management (EUSTM)