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Nominations: 2020

Category: Literature

Location: ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

About PRACHI: Friendly demeanour with exceptional communication skills, down to earth personality, leadership skills, remains strong in case of crisis and a very... Read More


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Work Description

She's a bestselling author of four fiction books, motivational speaker, an online talk show host, state women president of a social party and the founder of a literary startup named Huddle Books. Her passion is to work towards literature and social reforms. She has been awarded various awards and... Read More

  • Included in the list of 51 influential women of Delhi list of 2020 ... Read More
  • NE8x Author of the Year Award, 2019
  • India Leadership Brilliance Award, 2019
  • Voice of Indian Literature, 2020
  • State Women President of Yuva Jankalyan Party (YJP), 2020
Project Details

Apart from writing my own books, I have started a non-profit literary startup named Huddle Books to help upcoming new writers and promote Indian poetry around the world. The startup will work mostly on upcoming women writers so they can easily publish their work, be recognised and be empowered. S... Read More

  • Huddle Books