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PICTURE CAPTION: The Himalayan Queen  

They call it Dev Bhoomi, the Land of Gods, where all mystical things unfold, where this corner of India reveals herself in the most seductive of ways. Yes, she is Uttarakhand, a place meant to be felt, to be experienced, for no words can describe her alluring nature.

The majestic Himalayan range with its mighty strength and valor will mesmerize you, getting lost in her dense forests will set you free, and bathing in her holy waters will renew your soul. The force of her Nature, ever so revealing, leaves one in awe of this magnificent creation.

The Himalayan sun rays brings refuge to those living in darkness, for she will awaken the ignorant. Her soil, rich and fertile, allows the Medicine God to grow His curative plants and trees. An abundance of animals roam her domain, while Sadhus dwell in her caves in solitude. Quaint villages and temples of pilgrimage, with their loud drum beats silencing your mind, are all in Her. She has graciously hosted sages and enlightened ones, who have come and are yet to come. Her flora and fauna amidst the dancing clouds, with waterfall backdrops, is God’s very own painting.

Her secrets lie in the whispers of the wind, the Wind God carrying her message to seekers wide and far. She will bless you with Himalayan rain, not just any rain, but Indra‘s rain, where each rain drop carrying her healing energy lands in the holy Ganges, satiating the thirst of those dwelling on her banks. Her fierce and powerful nature is revealed in her loud thunder echoing among the mountains ensuring She is heard by all. She will flash her lightning in a hypnotic light show, revealing only the parts of herself that she wishes seers to see. When she’s in her darkest state, a million stars glimmer, and the cosmic connection to Infinity makes one realize the Truth.

Yes, she is the Himalayan Queen. Contained within her are the essence of beauty and grace, a gentle nature with hidden potentiality lies within her. She will give you the space to explore all that she offers. She will nurture your senses with her abundance of nutrition and fragrance of her delicate flowers. She will test your endurance and catch you when you fall, and she will teach you life’s greatest lessons.

But when exploited by humans, She will unleash her Shakti and perform her Tandava dance. Egos will be shed, followed by destruction. She will regain justice for herself, and awaken the minds of human civilization.

She is in every Woman. Her grandeur is never to be underestimated.

Dr. Shivani Kumar
Clinical Psychologist
AIIMS Hospital, Rishikesh
Max Hospital, Dehradun
The American Desi living in Rishikesh

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