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PICTURE CAPTION: Women Safety Team - Delhi  

26th November, Delhi, India: Sub Inspector Kiran Sethi, winner of iWoman Global Awards 2019 joins Women Safety Committee (TakeCare - Women Safety Program). She is nominated as the president of Take Care program for Delhi region. Popularly know as #LadySingham is deputed with Delhi Police as a sub-inspector. She holds #LimcaBook record for training 5000 girls at the same time. She has many national and international awards on her name.

Kiran Sethi's family comes from Delhi. She studied journalism at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication before joining the police in 1987. She holds the rank of Assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI), and often investigates cases of sexual assault and child sexual abuse. She is a chief trainer in the self-defence course 'Prahar', which by 2015, had trained more than 5000 school and university students.

She has also trained more than 200 hearing and sight impaired students in self-defence. Organising the largest demonstration of self-defence by school students resulted in her name being entered into the Limca Book of Records. In 2014, while off-duty, Sethi saved a blind girl from being kidnapped and assaulted by a drunken man.

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