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PICTURE CAPTION: iWoman Global Awards (iWGA) Given to 14 Women Achievers Around The World  

New Delhi, India: The iWoman Global Awards 2020 were given to 14 women from various parts of the world for their meritorious accomplishments and contributions to society. The awards are dedicated towards felicitating women from all economic and social strata, whose work is creating deeper impact in the society. The award ceremony for 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic and will be conducted next year along with the winners of iWGA2021.

iWoman Global Awards (iWGA) is a non-profit organization in India, iWGA was conceptualized in year 2017. The first edition was formally started in the year 2018 with the support of Women & Child Development Ministry, Government of India. iWGA2020 is the third edition of the awards, this award is given to women around the world who are creating deeper social impact via their personal or professional work. The organization is headed by Maj Gen Rajiv Sachdev (Retd) and Maj Poonam Khot (Retd) is the Global President. 

There are ten categories, in each category two awards are given, one under the age of 30 and another above 30 years of age. If the jury do not find the eligible or competent profile under the age of 30 then the second winner is announced from the above 30 age category. In case of not finding a competent profile, any of the categories out of nine may remain vacant. The award is purely jury based, there is no online voting system involved in deciding the winner. Agriculture, Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, Education, Environment, Literature, Mass Media, Science & Innovation, Social Work and Sports are the ten categories. iWGA do not charge any kind of fees to the participants directly or indirectly. 

iWGA has open profile system, whoever applies for the award, the profile is displayed on the website, the entire screening process is digital and transparent. There are three rounds of screening, the first two rounds are elimination round. The jury of iWGA was spread across six nations for the year 2020, for better perspective on each profile, next year it may extend to few more countries. The selection process of winners is a rigorous, completely transparent and un-biased, the methodology has earned iWGA trust of thousands of women around the world. 

The awards were announced to Anuradha Koirala, Nepal (Jury – Lifetime Achievement), Terry Orozi, United States (Jury – Woman Icon), Ameenata Koita, United States (Business & Entrepreneurship), Maritza Aurora Morales Casanova, Mexico (Environment), Akanksha Sood India (Mass Media), Pavithra YS, India (Business & Entrepreneurship), Helene Cardona, United States (Literature), Kruti Parekh, India (Arts), Rajita Kulkarni, India (Education), Rupal Tejani, India (Agriculture), Garvita Gulati, India (Environment), Adry del Rocio, Mexico (Arts),  Nargis Taraki, Afghanistan (Social Work), Violetta Farías, Mexico (Social Work).

Maj Gen Rajiv Sachdev (Retd), Trustee, and Maj Poonam Khot (Retd), Global President of iWGA congratulated all the winners of 2020 and mentioned, “the awards have been given to them for their sheer hard work, dedication and devotion to the society from different fields of human endeavour.”

Nargis Taraki, winner of social work category from Afghanistan mentioned, “as a starting point, throughout the last 48 hours, I was broadly supported both nationally and internationally”.

iWGA looks forward to hosting all the winners next year in Delhi, India and will open the nominations for the year 2021 in the first week of November 2020.

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