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PICTURE CAPTION: iWGA Winner - Environment  

New Delhi, India: iWGA proudly announce the winner of Environment category to Maritza Aurora Morales Casanova from Mexico

Maritza is a native of the Yucatan Peninsula, a region rich in biodiversity and considered a hotspot for conservation. In 1995 and at the age of 10, seeing the lack of respect that his classmates showed towards living beings, she started the movement "Humanity United with Nature in Harmony for Well-being, Goodness and Beauty" by its acronym HUNAB. After school hours and occupying public spaces or the backyard of his house, she improvised open-air rooms in which he shared his young but interesting knowledge about species and ecosystems. She currently directs HUNAB as a Yucatecan association that has become the main force worldwide that is revolutionizing the concept of environmental education.

Maritza is a pioneer of environmental education of excellence, as an activist and scientist in the educational field, she is laying the methodological foundations and empowering new generations as social and environmental entrepreneurs. In 2020 it celebrates 25 years of experience, it has inspired more than 97 thousand children, adolescents and young people in Mexico and internationally, such as Paraguay where its teaching method is replicated.

Faced with the urgent need to lead new generations through lifestyles in harmony with nature, since 2007 it has promoted the construction of the HUNAB Ceiba Pentandra park in Yucatán, which with 35% of its facilities built is listed as the first centre at the level world specialized in training Heroes for Grandma Earth. When visiting it we found a peculiar characteristic, the instructors are children and adolescents teaching their classmates, as when she started. She is an emerging explorer for the National Geographic Society and a recipient of the Rolex Initiative Awards, among other national and international recognition.

Personality and values the main characteristics that characterize her are the discipline and commitment that are present from beginning to end in each action and project that she carries out, alternating her academic training with social entrepreneurship. It also stands out for its sense of responsibility, justice, spirituality and resilience in the face of adversity and challenges that arise around its projects, objectives and goals.

She is a visionary, honest, honourable, cheerful and humble woman. Leadership qualities Their capacity to empower others stands out, which is reflected in their efforts to strengthen the early life projects of girls, boys and young people. Mainly in the field of science, economic and environmental entrepreneurship through mentoring so that they can achieve continuous and sustainable growth. It seeks that its actions undertaken have an impact that contributes to a regional, national and international change, mainly in the field of environmental education, hence its interest in what is happening in Mexico and in the world.

Despite the adversities you face, your priority is to seek honest, effective and high-impact solutions. If we focus on your life project, we will notice that excellent environmental education is your response to the lack or lack of knowledge and protection of living beings. She has continuously trained boys and girls as environmental instructors helping to bridge the intergenerational gap. Activities and Interests Sport: First Dan, Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do / Swimming Cartoonist of Ávik and Kapok comic, HUNAB environmental newspaper.

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