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New Delhi, India: iWGA proudly announces the award in Arts category to Adry del Rocio from Mexico. As a person she is a very disciplined, hard-working and passionate. As a painter she is very versatile and has developed different techniques such as oil, watercolour, pastels, acrylic, engraving, drawing in all kind of surfaces, wall, paper, street, canvas. She works in very small format but also, I can do paintings of 40 x 26 meters in short span of time. She is a fine artist and street painter, specialized in 3D art.

She has been invited to exhibit her skills in festivals in over 20 different countries, including USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Holland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, France, England, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, China, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Denmark, Israel, Czech Republic and in many regions of her country, Mexico. She is the only Mexican woman who has the official title of "Maestra Madonnina" the highest possible honour from the most respected and traditional Italian street painting event. Within this beautiful artistic expression, she had obtained 18 prizes in Mexico, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland, England, France and US.

This 2018 she is celebrating her 30th career anniversary but through these years she has also promoted art with workshops and organizing ephemeral art festivals in my hometown, more than 800 artists and 2,000 kids and young people participated by colouring the streets.

She began her career as a painter after winning a children’s art competition at the age of 4. Since then, she had earned 29 local, 11 national, and 23 international awards. At the age of 11, she organized her first solo exhibition. To date, she has 53 solo and 90 collective art shows in various cities across Mexico, the United States, Cuba, and Spain.

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