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PICTURE CAPTION: iWGA Winner - Business & Entrepreneurship  

New Delhi, India: Ameenata Koita from United States has won the iWGA in Business & Entrepreneurship category. She is currently the CEO/Founder of Black Wall Street Arizona Inc (BWSAZ), which is a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting commerce, entrepreneurship and business between the African Continent and her Diaspora. She serves local community as a commissioner on the Village Planning Committee which oversees local economic development both residential and commercial.

Additionally, she is the Queen of Economic Development/Business Education in the Ashanti Region of Ghana for the Fulani Nation. Currently working on a trade school program for youth, and a Woman’s Health Initiative to bring needed health education and development to the area. Furthermore, she is a Deputy Parliament Member for the State of the African Diaspora: currently working on 3 initiatives; a Chamber of Commerce, Neobank, and a commodities exchange. She is also a Human/Woman’s Rights Advocate.  

She has trained and helped close to 100 people get their business license and embark on their entrepreneurial journey. She has started a Kwanzaa tradition in my local community by hosting a full seven-day celebration the first and only of its kind in Arizona. She also Founded an annual Diaspora Day Festival resulting in a Proclamation by the Mayor of Phoenix Arizona declaring a Diaspora Day in Phoenix.

She is a women's empowerment coach/leader for many women through my role as HRH Ameenata Koita (my African Name), which has led to my Goddess Squad Global Podcast, due to debut in August 2020. Currently she speaks at many events on the topics of business entrepreneurship, and women's equality. My community work and social footprint globally has earned me a Deputy Parliament Member Seat with the State if the African Diaspora.

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