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PICTURE CAPTION: iWGA Winner - Mass Media  

New Delhi, India: iWGA proudly announces the award in Mass Media category to Akanksha Sood from India. Akanksha is among the few award-winning natural history filmmakers in India. She is known for their extreme passion and brilliant story-telling. With a career spanning over two decades, she has been documenting some of the most rare and endangered species across India. Her films have been televised across the globe, not just for the strong stories and breathtaking visuals, but also for the empathy her work has created towards the natural world and exposed the need for conservation.

Under her banner, The Gaia People, she wants to bring a change, bust myths, showcase the incredible diversity we live with and ignite hope for the future. This is more for the next generation – the future custodians of this heritage. How will they emphasize and protect anything they don't see? We want them to grow up with pride, empathy and responsibility towards the environment. And thus, the first step is to knowing what their natural world holds.

Akanksha's work has created an empathtic understanding for the natural world. Her current series, On The Brink, (now in the second season), was born out of this thought and as a life long gift to her children. On The Brink has got conservation back onto prime time with its unprecedented portrait of India’s natural world, and with species, habitats and grassroots conservationists who are rarely seen on prime time television in India.

This series has given unknown faces the recognition they deserve and also inspired many others to join the industry. She is a mentor for the Green Hub Fellowship Programme - a youth and community based video documentation centre for recording the environment, wildlife & people's biodiversity in North East India, and also for Woodpecker Film Festival for inspiring environmental filmmakers .

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