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PICTURE CAPTION: iWGA Winner - Agriculture  

New Delhi, India: iWGA 2020 proudly announces the award in Agriculture category to Rupal Tejani from India. Dream Farm was a humble vegetable patch that soon turned into entrepreneur Rupal Tejani's passion project in 2012. Today, it is a full-fledged farm with a team of enthusiastic local workers who cultivate acres of land to grow quality produce in the evergreen hills of Mahabaleshwar.

It all began when Rupal started growing quality produce for her family's business - Hotel Dreamland's, commercial needs. And since then, there was no looking back. She found her way into the Pune and Mumbai retail market, and started supplying retailers there with luscious fruits, vegetables, and herbs to keep up with increasing customer demand. Dream Farm now grows everything from leafy spinach and kale, herbs such as basil and oregano, to every shape and hue of beans, tomatoes, corn and the list goes on.

'Growth' is in Dream Farm's DNA so whether they're adapting to new cultivation methods or introducing eco-friendly and sustainable practices, their research and thirst to learn never ends.

Rupal works with employees who farm respectfully and believe in only selling food that is truly outstanding. By working with locals over the years, she has successfully been able to educate them about the benefits of using natural growing practices - not only for the soil and wildlife but for one's health.

Her long-term support has given them security and fair wages to help them assist their families and build their lives. And when the monsoons decide to rain on and in turn give her employees some free time, she is busy upskilling them to encourage their evolution into newer career roles.

Her efforts to build a thriving community are continuous. She is employing and teaching locals from the region to create a community of farmers and more, who not only practice but also preach the benefits of growing produce using natural methods. And more so, she is proud to be responsible for empowering women in her team, and help her employees educate their young children.

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