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PICTURE CAPTION: iWGA Winner - Social Work  

New Delhi, India: iWGA2020 proudly announces the award in social work category to Violetta Farias from Mexico. She is an immense leader, social entrepreneur, agent of change, deeply in love with Mexican culture and traditions. Great analytical skills, results-oriented, committed to social change and solving social problems. She began her professional career in the third sector when she graduated from university, since she was a student, she was involved in student groups that promoted social causes, and since then she has been shaping her professional life in this sector.

She has held various positions in civil society organizations, both in Mexico and abroad, until 7 years ago he founded Voluntarios México, with the intention of combating apathy, as the root of all the country's social problems. Throughout this time, she has been able to create a huge community of people who intend to contribute and collaborate in the construction of a stronger Mexico, with citizens who are examples of honesty, commitment and responsibility.

She has guided the community of volunteers towards personal and professional growth, achieving in them a better self-esteem, acquiring knowledge, skills and tools that have helped them get jobs, partners, friends, partners, mentors, and even make sense of their lives, thus keeping them away from addictions and suicidal behaviour.

She has been recognized in Mexico and abroad in the positions she has held, thanks to her altruistic and hard work. She is an incredible influence in the community because she always guides her actions with positive changes and in favour of social causes, and she manages to infect the volunteers and people around her so that they in turn seek the Common Good.

Together with her team, they have developed a successful methodology in volunteer management, achieving great actions and generating a great social impact. They have collected dozens of tons of garbage from the rivers and seas of Mexico, they have supported the reconstruction of houses affected by the 19S earthquake, they have painted and rehabilitated shelters, they have made countless collections to support vulnerable groups, they have reforested hundreds trees, released turtles, among many other things.

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