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PICTURE CAPTION: iWoman - The Meaning  

" You can never honour a woman enough, but you definitely tell her sometime that she is the reason, the world's a better place..."

Presenting the iWoman Global Awards nomination to honour the real heroes among us- women.

One of the expressions that describe a woman is - ""She is a selfless and dedicated summit of truth and creativity. She is real, she is substance and a society that does not revere her, is not worth being called one!""

This selflessness, this devotion to a cause is what constitutes the real woman of substance. And this is the reason why the "i' in iWoman awards is small, despite assuming the pan-important emblem of identity.

The iWoman Global Awards nominations has gathered momentum by the minute and the entire nation will come together for the grand finale of these nominations that will unravel the winners of the 2020 edition of the prestigious awards.

If gratitude is what comes to your mind, each time you think of a hero, i.e, a woman of substance around you please forward her details to the links given in our website. It is our prime duty to return our mother's and sister's unwavering devotion with a small token of respect. Please participate heartily in this much awaited, mega-event of the ensuing year by forwarding the deserving ones names.

Let us join hands to tell our Samaritans of devotion- the iconic women of our country that we respect them to the core and the dawn of felicitating them, the era of giving them the one thing they unquestionably deserve has finally dawned- Respect.

The iWoman Global Awards, 4th Edition on 8th March 2020, Delhi.

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