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PICTURE CAPTION: My Menstruation Story  

My Menstruation Story

My menstrual cycle started when I was just 10 years old. It was the summers of 1992. I was in the kitchen watching “Sholey” movie on TV. I was sitting with folded legs. Suddenly I felt wet. I went to the bathroom and saw blood flowing down there. I didn’t know about menstrual cycle then. My mom didn’t speak about it as she thought it’s too early, because that time girls use to get first periods at the age of 13/14.

Anyways, I changed my underwear & resumed the movie. Again I felt wet & again I repeated the same thing. My mom went to washroom when she saw some blood on the floor. She checked around & called me. She asked me if I am injured as I was a karate player and had just come back from my class. I said no mummy; this blood is coming from down there. My mom was shocked, worried and stressed all at the same time. She asked me to be in the washroom. She got some cloths, folded it nicely & placed it properly for me secured with some strings. Then she got me out, gave me some warm milk to drink. She then told me that this is called as menstruation. Women get it once a month. She told me how to fold the cloths properly, how to wash it clean, how to dry it in sun & how to dispose it after every 3 months.

She also told me that I cannot touch the “GOD” during this time. She also told me that at our place I can roam around in the house but at my Nani’s (Granny) place I will have to sit aside in corner not allowed to touch anything in the house. I was told that at my Nani's place, I will have to take a head bath on 4th day & then I can touch dry items like cloths etc but no entry in the kitchen. On 5th day another head wash & then I am free to move around. Earlier we use to have joint families. Ladies use to do all the work at home. So to give ample rest to the lady during her menstruation, our ancestors came up with this idea of “Sitting Aside”. I defiantly don’t understand the taboos & wild beliefs surrounding this issue.

I followed what my mother told me. I used cloth napkins until June 2000. In July 2000, I joined Wadia college hostel & my mom introduced me to the first ever sanitary pad which was Stayfree.

28 May is celebrated at “World Menstrual Hygiene Day” to create awareness about importance of menstrual hygiene. May month was chosen because May is the fifth month of the year, and women menstruation period lasts an average of 5 days. The date 28th was chosen because the average menstrual cycle (gap between 2 cycles) is 28 days.

As per “WHO” & “UNICEF” menstrual hygiene is ability of a girl/woman to use clean menstrual management material (pads), availability of soap & water for washing, ample rest & having access to facilities to dispose of the used menstrual management material. It also covers the need to address social beliefs & taboos surrounding the issue. There is need to to add "Environment Hygiene" to this. The sanitary waste is affecting our nature. We need to make conciuos efforts to make our menstruation environment friendly. There is a need to to move to Menstruation cups, cloth pads & bio-degradable pads. 

How can you contribute? Just check if your house help follows Menstrual Hygiene. Talk to her about importance of it. Gift her a sanitary pad packet every month. Each small step can create a deep impact.

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Menstrual Hyigene 

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